Project THINK

Training Helpful Interpretations in Kids


  • Project Mission

    1. Develop brief, accessible interventions to help reduce youth mental health problems
    2. Identify mechanisms of change to build personalized interventions
    3. Test novel approaches to delivering interventions in non-traditional settings

About Project THINK

Researchers from the University of Missouri have created a program designed to help people strengthen adaptive coping skills. It is the research teams’ hope that by improving adaptive coping skills, users will see improvements in social and emotional well-being. The program offers a fast, free, and efficient resource in helping individuals manage any number of challenging social situations.

We are currently inviting individuals to participate in the Project THINK, which will pilot test the application. We encourage you to play at least one round per day over a two-week period. Each round of play lasts approximately 10 minutes. The program gently encourages users to recognize the benefits of viewing potential positives of social situations. By doing this we hope to find that those who complete the program hold more adaptive views of themselves and the world around them. 

Previous research has found that similar training programs are helpful in reducing anxiety and depression and changing the number of negative thoughts that people experience on a daily basis. We would appreciate your support in this project.

Participants logging more than  2 play sessions will earn a $10 gift card. Participants logging at least 7 sessions will be entered into a raffle for a $500 gift card.

Join the Community

We’re thrilled to have you here!

We are seeking teens, tweens, and parents to take part in our research studies.

In our research study, teens try out new, app-based programs that may support healthy coping and resilience.  These programs are provided free of charge. 

Interested? Please provide an email contact, so that our team can provide you with more information.